Integrated Farm Household Survey

The Integrated Farm Household Survey (IFHS) supported the agricultural Research and Development Program in terms of benchmark data on the characteristics of farms and farmers. The IFHS results provided inputs for the development and/or improvement of the performance indicators system in agriculture. Further, the survey results could quantify the impact of agricultural policies of the government.

The survey gathered household level data on the following; Household Information, Farm Particulars, Inventory of Farm Investments, Household Income, Household Expenditures and Credit Information.

Specifically, the following data are generated:
1. level, structure and/or sources of farm household income;
2. characteristics of farms/farm enterprises and the farm households;
3. access of farm households to agricultural support services;
4. farm management such as input use and cultivation practices;
5. expenditure patterns of the farm households;
6. farm and households investments; and
7. other socio-economic data.

Datasets Microdata Documentation Database
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