Philippine Standard Commodity Classification (PSCC)

The Philippine Standard Commodity Classification (PSCC) is a detailed classification of all imported and exported commodities being used for tariff and statistical purposes. The 2015 PSCC is an integration of the ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) issued by the World Customs Organizations (WCO), and the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) by the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).

The 2015 PSCC serves as a standard statistical nomenclature for economic analysis as well as for planning and policy formulation; as a standard scheme on commodity groupings or classes necessary for maintaining continuity of existing series on trade statistics and for international comparability of the country's trade statistics; and as an aid in the implementation of tariff and trade regulations.