Quarterly Inland Fisheries Survey

Inland municipal fisheries include the catching of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and all other aquatic animals and plants in inland waters like lakes, rivers, dams, marshes, swamps, irrigation canals, creeks, etc. using simple gears and fishing boats some of which are non-motorized with a capacity of three (3) gross tons or less, or fishing not requiring the use of fishing boats.

Data on monthly quantity and value of catch by species by households for the quarter are gathered during the survey. The survey is implemented by the staff of the Provincial Operations Centers (POCs) of the BAS.

Despite the meager contribution of inland fisheries to the total fisheries output, fisheries statistics would not be complete without the estimates from this sub-sector. The number of households dependent on catch from inland bodies of water could not be ignored. Fish catch of the households is usually intended for home consumption. Members of the household who are involved in inland fishing are either full-time or part-time fishermen.

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